Thursday, August 31, 2006

Seeing Green

Here's a surprise: I'm not Lindsay Lohan. And, less than three months before my 36th birthday is probably not the right time to adopt the look of a smudged black liner under the lower lashes. Honestly, I've had dark under eye circles even in my teens, and putting anything dark in that area isn't going to make me any prettier.

However, I discovered something that does work: green. My love for green pencil liners is well documented here, so I tried both L'Oreal pencils in Emerald and in Sage. I applied them lightly just in and under my lower lash line, keeping the line thin and not too smudged. Since the pencils are great quality and don't bleed, the result was very pleasant without looking skanky.

The colors are known to flatter my oliveness, and applying them like that brings color and lightness while defining the eyes. It looks more sophisticated than the dark raccoon eyes. I'm wondering if now I should try a silver pencil.

1 comment:

  1. Silver would be good--it really opens up the eyes--but with your coloring, I think copper might be really pretty as well.


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