Thursday, November 23, 2006

Put the Smoke Out

If you're reading this, most chances are that you are: a) Not Beyonce, and b) not employing a team of makeup artists. This means that maybe you should be a bit careful with this smoky eye thing.
I see it everywhere. In the Jersey malls and in Manhattan's East Village, women and girls are rocking the raccoon eyes. The results are not flattering and usually vary between weird and skanky.

If you're very pale, chances are that dark eye shadow and liner are too harsh and unflattering for you. Even when you do find a shade that looks good on you (medium brown or blue), it needs to be applied lightly, not go up to your eyebrow and definitely to go sparingly under your eyes. If you have a darker complexion, piling up the black or charcoal around your eyes will most likely make you look tired, dead or skanky. Maybe all of the above. If you look at Beyonce's teal smoky eye makeup for the AMA red carpet you'll notice that it isn't black and overwhelming. It's light, it's pretty and it's expertly applied. How many of us can do that? Or even need a red carpet look?

I'm one of those who can pull a dark eye shadow, as long as it stays on my upper lids. I use a black or almost black liner, leave it unsmudged, because I can't guarantee equal results on both eyes (another mistake so many are making), apply a light shadow to the brow bone, a dark brown, charcoal or blue eye shadow to the crease and blend the whole thing well. If I'm using something on my lower lash line, it's always a color that actually highlights my eyes. Because that looks better on me.

Now, look what happens to someone who piles up the colors and doesn't blend. Rachael Ray might have worse things to worry about right now, but this makeup isn't going to help her any:

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  1. Hm, you can actually get a lovely raccoon look while you sleep: it's called not taking off your makeup. LOL. I see a lot of women who look like they woke up in yesterday's makeup and just applied new stuff over it...*shudder*

    I have trouble getting the smoky eye because I am so pale. I find a plum smoky eye works well for me, or using lighter greys and taupes. Really, that look is best for someone with your coloring! I have big eyes, but if I get the makeup too smoky, they look beady. Not sexy.

    Rachel Ray looks like she took makeup instruction from Joan Cusack's character in "Working Girl."

    Enjoy the holiday!


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