Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globe Notes

The good news is that no one had a Bjork moment or a Cher moment. The bad news is Cameron Diaz: These were not the dress or the makeup to make Justin eat his heart out. And, speaking of makeup, it really annoyed me that so many of the women who attended the event looked like they all had their makeup done by the same artist. Even those who didn't do the full smoky eye thing had very pale lips. Those who went the different route, sported a too red, too dark lips that weren't flattering, like Cami, above. Except for Helen Mirren who got it right:

As for the nude lippers, Angelina Jolie can have whatever lip color she wants. She looks stunning, probably because her eye makeup is so right and really does require a toned-down lipstick. The others here also look alright, though Salma Hayek could use a little more color for a red carpet event. However, Drew Barrymore deserves much better. I didn't like her dress, either. I guess the blonde celebs are the ones who look best in pale lips.

Other noteworthy looks:
Vanessa Williams having a Whoa, Botox! moment (and I'm not even talking about the atrocious hair):

The Olsen Twins going to the Renaissance Fair:

It's not every day that 36 year old me gets to look at a 25 year old celeb and feel really good about the state o' my skin. I guess I owe Sienna Miller a big thank you. This is why you shouldn't smoke:

As to not end this on a snarky note, here's the lovely Reese Witherspoon, who got everything right- hair, dress and makeup: (As always, The Manolo does it better. Check out his post for a good laugh.)


  1. helen was incredibly classy. loved everything about her!
    reese was perfect as always.
    olsen twins need some oreo cookies and a gallon of whole milk each.
    sick of brad and angelina. see angie's dad lately? aging gracefully not in the genes.

  2. OH! and was very impresed by drew barrymore. she looked very good for a change...not thrown together.

  3. I noticed that about Sienna -- girl, that is some HARD ROAD she's been living on. I couldn't believe her skin.

    On the other hand, Drew is at least 30 and smokes like a fiend, and her skin is amazing.


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