Tuesday, January 23, 2007

With celebs still rocking the oompa loompa look (and in Christina Aguilera's case it also includes lipstick on the teeth), maybe it's the time to remind everyone that there's a kinder, gentler way to fake a tan. A bronzer gives you much more control over the level of color, and unless you make a seriously wrong choice won't turn you orange.

I love Paula Dorf's pressed powder bronzer. It's as finely milled as it promises to be, goes on lightly and easily (I use a full brush that distributes the powder evenly) and gives me the touch of sun that I'm craving these days. My color of choice is Bronze (it's also offered in a lighter and a darker shade) which on my skin looks naturally sun-kissed. Just without the guilt. Normally, it's also available from Sephora, but their online store is out of stock at the moment.

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