Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars 2007

The big red carpet surprise is that there weren't any big surprises. It's the Oscars, it's Hollywood, almost everyone had on nice clothes and got cleaned up nicely. Like in the Golden Globes, I'd be happy to see less nude lips, but that might be just me.

I like Maggie Gyllenhaal's top part of the dress, her makeup is lovely (red lipstick=good). Not sure what's that thing in her hair or why she needs feathers in her hem.

Portia de Rossi. Love the dress, not sure about the root-exposing ponytail (it looks better here than on my TV, so might have just been a fluke).
Jodie Foster is also in blue. Didn't Meg Ryan have that hair a few years ago?
J-Lo The dress has no reason, unless she's pregnant. And I don't get the hair. It's not bad, it's just not her.Naomi Watts is pregnant, therefore the Empire waist makes perfect sense. She looks fabulous. I love the yellow dress.

I really don't like that thing Jennifer Hudson is wearing. Yes, I know metallics are all the rage, but that cropped whatever isn't flattering her figure. Trinny and Susannah would explain to her what well-endowed on top girls should and shouldn't wear.

And yet another blue dress. Emily Blunt. Looks a bit prommish. But she's super pretty.

Rachel weisz- love the makeup and dress. Not so much with the bling.

Cameron Diaz- Too much bronzer, but most of her makeup is pretty. However, the dress looks like an 80s bridal horror.

Helen Mirren is the picture of perfection.

Jada Pinkett-Smith: I love the color. Could use a brighter makeup.

Penelope Cruz is such a beauty, but the nude colored dress and the nude makeup are just a bit too nude to my taste.

Kelly Preston is taking tacky and trashy to new levels.

Jessica Biel usually looks much better than this. The hair isn't working for me, and neither is the makeup. This is why those pink lipsticks might not be such a good idea.
Kirsten Dunst- Ugliest dress so far. Just awful. And the hair looks like she did it herself.

Beyonce- I love the makeup and the color of her dress. Not so sure about the rest.

Gwyneth- A very beautiful and original dress. I love this color.

Cate Blanchett- As old Hollywood as they come. I love the dress and her entire look.

Not crazy about whatever that is that Nicole Kidman is wearing. The color is great, but that bow on the shoulder- not so much. According to my husband, she looks like a Lexus from those Christmas commercials.

Kate Winslet is the only one in the universe who can get away with these whispering colors. And she pulls off that dress perfectly.

Reese Witherspoon's dress is pretty and I love her hair. The purple is lovely, but I'm missing something (not Ryan, though).
And one request for Meryl Streep: Please, it's the Oscars. You're a beautiful woman and a huge star. Make an effort.
As for the men: Cary Grant is alive and well in George Clooney's body. I'm going to marry him. Even my husband says that I can.


  1. Tootsie, you're a tough one !

    My 16 year old took one gander at Nicole and squealed, "Jesus ! She's a Barbie,for God's sake !"
    I was inclined to agree- and it looked like she'd had her face peeled back, already. Just sad.

    He loved Paltrow, and wants to wed Mirren.
    Bet he's got a lot of competition in that arena- but probably none so young, so thin, or so suave .
    My bet's on him.

    My only male desire is to have a go at Morgan Freeman...

    Have a great day, babe.

  2. Thank you! I thought I was the only one that thought Penelope's look was too nude, what with all the media and tv commenters in love with her dress. She looked much better at the Golden Globes

  3. Chaya- Your 16 year old has a superb taste. My bet is on him as well.

    Joann- I know. Sometimes the media coverage baffles me. Most of them liked Cameron's dress, while all I could think of was Alexis Carrington.


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