Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why would someone as lovely and lively as Kylie Minogue do that to her face?


  1. She's been doing that to her face for years, slowly transforming herself to resemble sort of pre-operative transexual, hitting up the injectible fillers and Botox with amazing speed, and availing herself of every cosmetic procedure known to man, from acid-peels to brow-lifts. She and her sister Dani now barely resemble the perky and attractive girls who first came to our attention almost 20 years ago. And we're only noticing this now? As much as I love her music, I do realize she sells records using her status as an international sex-symbol, and the constant pressure to remain sexy and youthful is showing on every inch of her face.

  2. I only have the vaguest memory of kyle minogue from her locomotion days (I was like five when that song came out). But based on her recent pictures (I can't get you out of mind) I still can't believe that picture is her. I hope it's botox or collagen or otherwise temporary and not something that she'll (and we'll) have to live with forever.

  3. Anon- has it already been 20 years? *shudder*. It's sad how the result of trying to look youthful and sexy is a face like that.

    A Million Paths- My guess is that she had both collagen (in her lips) and botox (everywhere else). Even so, some women look great with botox (I have yet to see a lip job that doesn't end up looking awful), like Courtney Cox. Others get this robotic look which is just bad.


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