Friday, September 28, 2007

Little Black Dress

Rihanna is perfection from the neck up, but this Dsquared2 dress (from Milan fashion week) is a nip-slip waiting to happen. Also, I know everyone is as tired of hearing me say this just as much as I'm tired of maternity style dresses: Unless you really are with child, why would you choose clothes that make you look 6 months along?

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  1. I very much agree. I have a different name for it, "glorified t-shirt dressing" (with the requisite Louboutin-esque platform and skinny pants), and it is most tiresome. I think it's because... well... of Project Runway. Everyone thinks they can design now, "new talent". So they design, and it's mostly t-shirt-ish. Time will show, not everyone can design magnificent, personable clothes. High fashion is elite for a reason.

    I have disliked Rihanna ever since I realized that it wasn't her dancing pointe in that Umbrella video. It's just clever editing. I don't know why exactly, because celebrities are well-versed in subterfuge, but it really offended me, like Jay-Z was forcing Rihanna down our throats when she's like so many others: a very pretty girl of mediocre talent who's probably very boring to talk to.


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