Friday, October 19, 2007

Cate Goes Wrong

Perfection from the shoulders up, but a royal mess of a dress. I can only assume Cate Blanchett didn't have a mirror around when getting dresses for the screening of ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age ‘ at the second annual Rome Film Festival. Otherwise, I can't explain how an intelligent actress who normally displays great taste and excellent fashion sense would leave her hotel room in such a gown. Between the odd proportions, a top that doesn't fit and the godawfulness of the hip and waist, this Armani Privé dress is the worst one I've seen in ages.

Photo courtesy of Faded Youth Blog


  1. No kidding! Her calf looks enormous, she's got a big tumor on her left hip, and she appears to be dragging a 3rd leg behind her. And usually she's so impeccably glamourous!!

  2. Lol, Cate Blanchett can carry anything, most of the time, but it looks like she put on a normal enough evening gown that got molested by the household plant and didn't notice, like when you have toilet paper stuck to your heel. In this case, it seems to be dragging her boobs down in a bad way.

  3. Armani did this? Did they fit her???

  4. Oh, I agree with you! This dress looks aweful on her. What was she thinking? Her boobs look like they are in a downhill slide.

  5. what on earth? It looks as if she's wearing a bustle, sideways!

  6. Anon- Yes, I almost forgot about the calves in all of the mess the dress has made.

    Dain- I love Cate, but this dress is something no one can carry. It's just... wrong.

    Helg- Excellent question. You'd think the point of wearing couture is that the dress would be a perfect fit.

    Chic Girl- Yes, out of all the things that went wrong with this dress, the boobs are probably the worst.

    Tom- What do we know? Maybe it's the next big thing? ;-)


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