Thursday, October 04, 2007

Don't buy these pants

Rihanna is kind enough to show us what happens when a girl with a perfect figure wears what I assume to be high-waist wide leg pants. This is why I'm sticking with skirts this season.

The pooch is beyond adorable, and Dlisted has more photos of cute dog and fashion victim star.


  1. wow- they manage to look about 2 sizes too big yet still make her thighs look large. Jeesh!

  2. May I take this a step further? ...I also don't love her mix-and-matching gold with platinum! Gold & Platinum and Gold & Silver should not be worn together ..the only exception being if the jewelry piece combines the two metals in one design..but golden hoops and a golden necklace with a platinum watch and ring? Eeewww! Both metals are cheapened that way.. They lose their shine. ...Am I being too old fashioned? I just think it looks cheap and not properly thought-out.

  3. Promised: I won't buy them...but the dog looks cute, although its colour does not fit the overall pattern

  4. Tom- And to think that she probably pays someone to shop for her!

    Divina- I don't think you're being too old-fashioned. Combining gold and silver requires a better eye and taste than Rihanna seems to have. You really need to know what you're doing, or just not do it.

    Andy- I'm glad I don't need to try and picture you wearing these pants ;-)

  5. Hmmm... the dog is CUTE! the pants are not. This just further proves that I will be sticking with my mid-rise pants. One trend I won't be following. :)

    Bionic Beauty

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