Monday, October 15, 2007


I found several annoying things in the November issue of Vanity Fair (more on that later), but Nigella Lawson isn't one of them. She's one of my favorite non-blondes of all time, even if I'm not going to buy her latest cookbook (let me know when she comes up with a vegetarian cookbook. Or another one about baking). There's something deliciously retro about her, but not in a grotesque Dita von Teese way.

We're not here to talk cake, though. I got very curious about the beauty products she mentioned. Several of them are exclusive to the UK, so I'd like to hear from my British readers: Are you familiar with them? What do you think?



  1. will check this out and get back to you, though I'm a looooong way from a beauty expert!!

  2. I like Nigella Lawson, but I've found her recipes not particularly well executed. They seem to epitomize a sort of offbeat glamor, but they're trickier than they appear, and not so soundly delicious as some other cookbooks.

  3. Lee- I'd love to hear what you think. Everyone's a beauty expert.

    Tootsie- I hear you. The picture made me want to go bake something.

    Dain- I only have her Domestic Goddess book and so far, everything I tried worked nicely. Then again, I'm comfortable enough in adapting and changing a recipe as I go. One of my favorites is her pantry cake, but I like to use a tart blackberry preserve that's full of fruit.


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