Friday, November 02, 2007

Not Her Best Color

I don't hate Nelly Furtado's blond hair. It's kind of cute, though she was more stunning as a brunette. What I have to question is the makeup. From the overdrawn eyebrows, the harsh black eyeliner and most of all: The badly blended concealer under her eyes (click on the photo to see it more clearly). The whole thing ages her. I had to double check, but Nelly is only 28.

Picture courtesy of DListed.


  1. 28? Whoa. Rethink that look, dearie.

  2. Yes, I was really surprised. Made me neurotic about my 36 year old skin.

  3. Gross! How to revive the senescence of your career (o, for the days of whatever that song was that made her famous, it was annoying, all I remember): (1) fake boobs (2) blonde hair (3) imitate Kate Moss


  4. Yes, brunette was more "her". And the makeup? I think it's brunette makeup forgeting that the hair has been blonded since. (It would have looked fine before ~well, minus the racoon eye, of course)

  5. I'm not crazy about it either. I loved her rich, dark, hair.

  6. Wow, talk about a poster child for NOT going from very dark to full-on blonde! It puts on 10 years for her, maybe more along with the bad makeup.

  7. There's something odd about this picture. Her face color doesn't match her decolletage, and there is an odd, black, uniform shadow under her face. Photoshop? Onto another body? Why didn't they fix the concealer under her eyes?

  8. DictatorOfEnglandDecember 09, 2007 8:14 AM

    :( People can be so mean about us girls with blonde hair, we're not all bimbos with big fake boobs.
    I don't think the hair suits her here but I do get a bit tired of people slating blonde hair all the time.


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