Thursday, January 03, 2008

Katherine Heigl is Low Maintenance

What's the point of flashing your big rock to the paparazzi if your manicure looks like you just finished weeding your back yard or scrubbing the bathtub without rubber gloves? (click on the picture to see just how bad it is)

Photo: A Socialite's Life


  1. It looks all sorts of wrong, but I have to say that I do love the color! I'm so shallow for saying this, but I wonder what shade/polish it is.

  2. It is a pretty shade, but to add to the unattractiveness, she's a smoker. How glamorous, holding a cigarette with nails sporting an old manicure! Ick.

  3. pretty girl.

    nice rock.

    Satan's manicure is not the best accessory..

  4. It's a nice shade of colour - but ! it looks awful when chipped ! Why she doesn't take a colourless or pale polish when she's not ready to take care of her nails ?!

  5. i saw a photo of her in US weekly taken on dec. 19- before her wedding-- picking out new polish, probably for her wedding. she was wearing the same outfit. i'm thinking this photo was taken the same day- pre wedding. she has that "i'm being harassed by the paparazzi" look; like, ok, fine, here's my ring, take your photo and go. ;)

  6. Mandy- You're not alone. I also wondered what was there before the manicure was ruined.

    P.- I'm with you. I stopped liking her after seeing all the photos of her smoking.

    Tom- "Satan's manicure" is a perfect way to put this. I would have kept my hand in my pocket, rock or not.

    Lady Jane- I agree. Even naked nails are better than this mess.

    Victoria- I guess you do not approve ;)

    Anon- You might be right. Especially since when this photo was published she was still supposed to be on her honeymoon.


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