Thursday, January 10, 2008


Considering it hasn't been a month since she gave birth to her daughter, Helena Bonham Carter looks beautiful and radiant. Too bad she's made such a miserable choice about her dress. If the purpose was to hide and conceal something, it fails miserably and makes her body look like a mess. While the color and style might be a step up from some of the goth garb she's been sporting lately, wearing a red taffeta rabbit (seriously, the fabric that hangs from her boobs looks like bunny ears) is not the best look for her.

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  1. gosh- how sad.

    She looks like a luscious, fecund sprite despairing of being seen on that ghastly wilted turnip of a dress. Too bad Jean Louis is dead: he'd have gone with empire waisted black with kick pleat panels in that dark red and a shrug to match.

  2. The only thing that could have saved this picture was if she was standing next to Johnny Depp! ;D

  3. Beauty 411: She was! See it here:

    And no, nothing could save a picture that HBC is in, be it a photograph or a moving picture. Every time I see her, I just want to LeStrangle her to death.

  4. Tom- So I'm not the only one fantasizing on re-dressing her ;)

    Beauty411- Sorry. Not even Johnny can save this mess;)

    Mandy- You made me laugh. LeStrangle her, indeed.


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