Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Celeb Makeup, Good And Bad

Catherine Zeta Jones shows how to take a trend, like icy blue eye makeup, and get it to make sense on a real face by only doing it as an eyeliner and keeping everything else neutral. However, something went awry with her complexion and she could have used a mattifying primer, pore reducer or powder (click on the picture to see what I mean). I'd buy the lip color, though.

Tilda Swinton might have the most beautiful eyes in showbiz, but even she can't get away with no eyelashes and disappearing eyebrows. Her lips look parched under the dry, matte and too dark lipstick. The more I look at this picture, the more I want to chase her down the road with a mascara wand and a moisturizing lipstick in a soft color.

Photos: A Socialite's Life


  1. Some primer with pore refining qualities might have helped Catherine.

    As to Tilda, what an AMAZING actress! Other than that, I always found her eyes a little spooky. But then it adds to the mystique.

  2. I sooooo agree with you! Actually the picture of Tilda makes me want to chase her down and do her makeup (and eyebrows) myself! Her characteristics are so striking, it is a shame to see them not receiving the attention they deserve. She has just the right striking/strange features that should be walking down the catwalk, don't you think?

  3. Tilda needs to either wipe off that lipstick or go all the way and put on some lashes. That half-measure thing doesn't work with that dark shade lipstick- go pink, Tilda..

  4. Helg- Yes, there's something spooky about Tilda. I guess that's how she ended up as the White Witch, though I didn't think she was the right actress for that role.
    As for Actherine, I hope someone at Elizabeth Arden is taking notes.

    Divina- You're right. I can picture her in a Vogue spread. Hopefully, her face would be in the hands of some professionals who can give her eyelashes.

    Tom- Go pink, indeed! I wonder if she did her makeup by herself, five minutes before leaving home. Or maybe in the limo.

  5. Those are colored contacts on Tilda, aren't they????

  6. Tilda has a sophisticated, confident beauty. Since her eyes are so dark, mascara would just compete and complicate. She has her own distinct style, which I respect.

  7. Don't get me wrong: I have full respect for Tilda and her style. I find her very intriguing. Still, I tend to consider having lashes as a very good thing.

  8. Oh my gosh! Like, look at her! OMG she looks like so like differreeennt. Actually she looks waaaaay better than all these fake nasty "starlets".


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