Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Awards Hair & Makeup

The good news: the smoky eye look seems to be on its way out (I have nothing against the idea of a smoky eye, but what you see on the red carpet is usually lost in translation once you encounter it face to face in the East Village or the Jersey malls). Faces looked fresh, eyes reasonably (unless you're Lisa Rinna) accentuated with black eyeliner and mascara, matte skin, neutral (but usually not beige, except for Eva Longoria who should have gone a couple of shades darker) lips, very little shimmer and no more goopy Paris Hilton mouths.

Christina Applegate's makeup stood out, and not necessarily in her favor. I was happy to see a bolder lip color, but that shimmer all around her eyes looked weird (click on the image to see what I'm talking about).

Teri Hatcher seems as always to have a little more eye makeup than most. And since I didn't have it last night, here's also a picture of her dress:

The bad news is that almost everyone looked like they had their hair and makeup done by the same people. Other than a few actresses (Debra Messing, Marcia Cross, Angelina Jolie) the ruling hairstyle was the soft, messy updo. The weather didn't help things. It rained in L.A during the day and made for a soggy red carpet and frizzy hair.

Another thing of note is the absence of necklaces. Instead, everyone seems to have opted for long, dangling earrings. there were also some pretty bracelets.

An overview of the dresses is in last night's post.

Images: Just Jared, A Socialite's Life

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  1. I think a lot of celebs of Latina decent wear lipstick that is entirely too pale (Jennifer Lopez is another guilty one). I'd love to see more red lips, but definitely with a more subtle eye treatment. I loved Christina Applegate's dress, but not her in it, and the shimmer was definitely too much.


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