Sunday, January 27, 2008

SAG Awards- The Red Carpet Show

What do we have so far?

Six blue dresses (Marcia Cross, Andrea Bowen, Amanda Bynes, Nikki Blonski, Jenna Fischer, Kyra Sedgwick), two yellow dresses (Vanessa Williams, Kate Beckinsale), two florals (Teri Hatcher in Badgley Mischka, Cate Blanchett in a stunning Balenciaga) and a Seacrest-less crew that looks as uncomfortable without him as I am watching them conducting the most embarrassing red carpet coverage I've ever watched.

Other than lots of blue, metallic seems to be the order of the day, from platinum (Christina Applegate in Elie Saab) to gold (Debra Messing, in an Oscar De La Renta dress that was better in theory than in real life with all that armpit cleavage).

Little black dresses seem to be making a comeback (were they ever really out?) on Tina Fey in Alberta Ferretti and Ellen Page in Zac Posen, two of the most likable and eloquent actresses on the red carpet.

As far as hair goes, lots of soft, messy updos with long bangs. It's everywhere to a point where Debra Messing and her flowing open curls seem innovative. Or dated. I have yet to decide.

(Did I just hear Teri Hatcher and her unmoving forehead declaring she doesn't believe in Botox?)

From the look of Angelina Jolie's dress it seems like the pregnancy rumours might be true. I hope so, actually. Otherwise there's no excuse for all that tie-dye fabric. There's definitely enough room for twins in there.

There were few really dramatic dresses. Eva Longoria in Naeem Khan and Ellen Pompeo in Nina Ricci did the Old Hollywood thing successfully. Sandra Oh, on the other hand, not so much.

And Lisa Rinna is Little Miss Tacky:
Hair and makeup in the next post.

Photos: Faded Youth Blog, E!Online, People, Just Jared


  1. Ok, these posts are always a temptation for commentary :-)

    Judging from your pics only:

    1.Big bosome girls should never opt for that style as the first girl in the light blue satin dress...Pity, the colour is very becoming.
    2.Something is sticking Kate Beckinsale's boobs in place. In fact a little too in place.
    3.Debra's hair might benefit from a little anti-frizz, no?
    4.Christina Applegate looks soft for a change (and great!)
    5.Is Blanchett pregnant? I think I hate the dress: mind you, I am judging from the profile in thepic, haven't seen it in movement...
    6.The two little black dresses are great! (the first girl could use a more "glamourous" hairdo though)
    7. Did Brad don a brown-ish shirt to match his wife? Hmmm...I can't say that her dress is good and it's hard to picture anything bad on Jolie, but there is obviously the possibility, as witnessed here. (the colour looks good on her though)
    8.The trail on Longoria's dress is maybe too long for her short -it seems to me- stature/height?
    9.Is Lisa Rinna wearing a Cavalli? Think so.....

    Hey, you mentioned Hatcher but you didn't post a forehead shot. *chanting: Do, do, do!*

  2. The woman in yellow. What is that under her jaw?

  3. Helg-
    1. Yes, the color is great. even the cut might have worked in a different fabric. It's all that clingy satin that's unflattering.
    3. Definitely. I don't think Debra have planned on a rainy day in L.A. when decided on the hair style. The weather did some damage to several of the stars.
    5. Yes, Cate is pregnant and due in April. The picture doesn't do the dress much justice. The fabric looked much better on the TV screen.
    8. I agree. I'm about Eva's height and would avoid this length. still , the dress looked more interesting than most.
    9. The dress does look like a Cavali, but I couldn't find out for sure.

    And there are two Teri Hatcher photos in the next post :)

  4. Anon- I believe it's all those loose bangs that got out of hand in the humid weather.

  5. Ooo! Let me first explain why I'm two years too late. I just received a Nina Ricci perfume and was hoping to find your opinion on it but found some fashion posts instead, which is more than fine. (:

    And then the purpose of the comment! I agree that when judged against the average red carpet dress, Sandra Oh's is puffy and not particularly pretty (to say the least) but I'm under the impression it's supposed to be a nod to her heritage and some sort of modernized hanbok. Of course this also has much better executions. (Link below.)

    Anyways my point us at least this unfortunate dress seemed to have good intentions! (:



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