Monday, January 07, 2008

There's Something About...

While I don't like her dress and those lip injections should be illegal, I don't hate the way she looks here. Her hair is nice and the hat and jacket actually work somehow. Clearly, I need my head examined.

A much more likable celeb, who always seems to be having fun with her little boy. I love Gwen's retro touch and the whole outfit. And she can pull off a red lipstick better than anyone.

Photos: Hollywood Rag and A Socialite's Life.


  1. Re. Paris, it's good blush! I've always maintained that blush is the most important color cosmetic, simply because it ties all the colors of the face (skin, hair, eyes, lipstick, shadow) together.

  2. I think you like the lipgloss and blish on Paris (and yes, the hat is cute) there is a celebrity who actually seems balanced enough to have a kid. Good for her (and for the kid too of course).

  3. Paris is looking good in that photo- but a good 35 as well...

    Gawd I am mean.

  4. Dain- Lately I'm also obsessed with blushes and bronzers. It makes a huge difference.

    Helg- Yes, Gwen seems very sane and down-to-Earth. Very refreshing.

    Tom- Nah, you're not mean. Making fun of Paris is our duty ;). And you're right, actually. She's always looked older than her age, so I tend to forget how young she really is.


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