Friday, February 22, 2008

Oscar Preview?

While I'm not impressed with Salma Hayek's matronly velvet dress, I love her makeup here. The sexy red lips, the delicate and balanced eyes and her always perfect skin. I hope to see more of this kind of glamor Sunday on the red carpet.

I plan to blog live as soon as the celebrities start to arrive.


  1. What about that necklace--woo--that's something else!


  2. i think if we saw her on a lighter background, we'd see her waistline more clearly and it might not look so matronly. she always looks so pretty. and yes, that necklace is gorgeous! - minette

  3. Calypso- Yes, the necklace is very impressive. I bet it looks even better in real life.

    Minette- You're probably right about the drsss, though I'm not sure about the length. then again, it might just be the angle.


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