Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscars 2008- Blogging Live

Does anyone even cares what Lisa Rinna is wearing? It's blue, her lips are inflated. What else is new?

Heidi Klum, on the other hand, is magical in a Galliano red dress and Gallianoed hair. No soft-messy 'do for her, thankfully.

Excuse me and Ryan Seacrest for a minute while we both go drool over George Clooney. We'll be back soon.

Drooling is over. Anne Hathaway is another one in bright red (Marchesa). And lots of bones. I like the color and she looks glamorous and pulled together, but I'm a sucker for red dresses.

Is the entire Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise going to come after me if I say how horrible John Travolta's hair piece looks? It appears painted or glues or whatever. Ridiculous.

I'm not a Kelly Preston fan, but her very yellow Cavalli dress is an improvement from her tacky self. I can't help it: I like colors and tonight we see a lot of it. Amy Adams in Proenza green, Jessica Alba in a plum Marchesa and all that red. It's a long departure from the days Jenifer Aniston ruled the red carpet in her black dresses. So far, it looks like not many a-listers wore black. Among the few who did, Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank stood out. Jennifer pulled it off, even through that bizarre Gary Busey attack. Hilary was ok, but for a fashion icon, her dress failed to excite. On the other hand, black is sort of original all of a sudden, and for a Versace dress it looks more classy than anything Donatella has touched in a very long time. I'm still not crazy for the floral applique.

While I couldn't care less what 15 year old girls wear on the red carpet, I much prefer to talk about someone who chooses her clothes by herself. Helen Mirren is, as always, glamorous and classy, proving that red is a timeless color.

Katherine Heigl is another one in bright red, and as Ryan Seacrest pointed, her lipstick was the reddest ever. I think I like her look, despite the bronzer explosion on her face.

Cameron Diaz looks sad and uncomfortable. Between the way too pale (though well constructed) Dior dress she keeps tugging on to prevent a nip-slip and that just-got-back-from-the-gym hair and face, she's not doing herself any favors.

Photos: Faded Youth Blog, Just Jared, DListed


  1. I'm a fan of Jennifer Garner's. Really! But has she done something to her face? My daughter and I were both noticing last night on the red carpet that she looked like she had had a facelift. She's kinda young for that, but seriously, did you see her face close up?

  2. Travolta's hair looked like he did it with a magic marker or something- or dyed it himself at home and didn't have time to get the residue off his scalp. Just awful.

  3. Gail, how could you see her face to tell? She had her hair hanging in it all night! And her dress did not fit properly at the top. I happen to like Jennifer Garner, so I feel bad for saying so, but I just thought--um, no. Hilary Swank was a much better version of the lady in black.

  4. LOL, P!!! But seriously, this newfangled 52" LCD HDTV shows us muuuuucccchhh more than I probably ever needed to see!

  5. Gail- I can't find a really good closeup image of Jen Garner. Do you really think she's done something? It doesn't sound like her.

  6. Tom- The more I look at that hair piece, the more I want to puke. Then again, I could never stand him.

  7. P.- I like Jen, too. There's something human about her. As for Hilary, I guess I just didn't love the dress. I thought she could do better.


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