Friday, April 18, 2008

Chanel- The Next Generation?

Maybe it's just me, but the first image I conjure when thinking Chanel, is not Ashlee Simpson's. I also have a problem with such logo display. I may be a Jersey girl, but personally I find it crossing the tacky lines. What do you think?

Photos: Dlisted and Hollywood Rag


  1. The dresses are OK, I guess (the first one has a weird shinning effect on the breasts, can't determine if it's the bra to blame or the fabric). The shoes in the second are rather bad, though! (they're not Chanl, surely)

    The pearls with the little monograms in the first one are nice and hip. The lucite bracelet in the second is a bit too much, me thinks...Too large a logo, too redundant.

    All in all, I think it's preferable that young hip starlets opt for something streamlined like that instead of the shapeless thing on your previous post (ewwww)

  2. re on the bracelets, I think Chanel used to wear one of those on each wrist. I love the necklace, but it totally clashes with her look. The shoes are too big for her, I hate it when starlets insist on wearing these too-big for them freebies they get from designers. Buy your own!!

    Anybody noticed that aside from a plastic surgery on the nose she's had a chin transplant as well?

  3. Who could notice any of the lovely Chanel with those glow in the dark shoes ... oy veh!

  4. I'm with you on the logo thing, Gaia. My opinion is that those accessories don't make her look more elegant or classy, they just scream "look, i'm wearing Chanel, i dare you to say I'm cheap, now", and that is tacky.
    But that's nothing compared to actually christening you baby girl "Chanel"...

  5. Please tell me she's not the new face of Chanel.

    I could snark about silk purses carried by sow's ears, but really..

  6. Helg- No, the shoes are not Chanel, as far as I know. I'm still tring to find out who's esponsible to that little atrocity.

    I agree about the streamlined look. Much better than the faux rock chick with skulls.

  7. Divina- The hang toe seems like a Hollywood epidemic. I don't get it.

  8. Roxy- These shoes are amazingly ugly. I don't get them. I had a post a couple of weeks ago where I showed Cameron Diaz wearing the same ones in white. Wasn't much better.

  9. Tom- Can you imagine? Ashlee as the face of Chanel, Jessica doing Dior and our girl Paris taking YSL. The Earth is doomed.

  10. Edwardian- You fully got my point. It's too much showing off and/or an over-enthusiastic stylist than real chic.

    And I'm with you on the baby thing :)

  11. I totally agree! I feel like Ashlee Simpson is just not the person you think of when the word "Chanel" comes to mind. Elegant and sophisticated she's not!

  12. I doubt she can even spell "Elegant and sophisticated " ;)


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