Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Everything Matches (and not a word about the husband)

J Lo goes all the way (and then some) matching her eye makeup and nails to her dress. I'm not sure which part I hate more. What say you?

Photos of Jennifer Lopez and the ghost of Marc Anthony from last night's Christian Dior Cruise collection in NYC, courtesy of Dlisted.


  1. I think I hate that godawful pale tangerine matte lipstick the most

  2. Indeed. Everything can be forgiven, but she's been using the same ugly lipstick repeatedly. You'd think that at some point she'd realize how unflattering it is.

  3. Jessica JohnsonMay 14, 2008 11:32 AM

    Hmmm...the pic in your profile is no prize winner either.

  4. What happened to her face? She used to look better.

  5. Lavinia- I think it's mostly the fake tan. She's overdoing it big time. Add to that gimmicky makeup that doesn't even try to flatter her actual features and it's one hot mess.

  6. I agree with tmp00...I'd at least respect her fashion ballsiness more if she had gone with an ice-blue lipstick as well!

    and jessica johnson can suck it.

  7. She looks really tired. New mom syndrome, I'm thinking. Oh, yea, Jessica Johnson can suck it over here on my end too!

  8. Anon- An icy blue lipstick might still be an improvement over this orange-beige experiment. If she wants dead people lips, she might as well go all the way...

    (And, thanks ;) )

  9. Belle- You might be on to something, regarding the new mom thing. But what's her stylist's excuse?

    (And me thinks Jessica up there isn't making any new friends...)

  10. i like jessica


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