Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Calls From Mrs. Roper's Closet

Jessica Simpson's dress confuses me, the shoes seem to cause a serious case of hanging toes (click on the photo and look at the foot that's on the ground), but I'm fond of her purse. Would my laptop fit in it?

Image: I'm Not Obsessed


  1. lady jane greyMay 08, 2008 3:17 AM

    Yes, it would (I mean your laptop fit in). And the purse is definitely the only nice thing on the whole photo. Sigh, one can't buy taste ...

  2. Her toes do hang over, but it looks like her foot just slipped forward (I can see a gap in the back, and the other shoe seems to fit fine). I actually like the dress and shoes, which surprises me, and I think you need a certain height to pull it off (that excludes me!). The purse is nice, but the style doesn't go with the dress/shoes. I like her necklace too.

  3. i thought she was britney. that's never a good sign.

  4. OMG ... you're cracking me up over here with that "hanging toes" dealy ... what the heck was she thinking! I mean, that just SCREAMS, "hey they gave me these free shoes cuz I'm a celeb and I gotta wear 'em out"! Goodness, have some dignity ...

  5. Big dress and big purse and big platforms...hmm, a case of excess.

    BTW, I think her shoes are too big for her, hence the toe spillage. Must be a designer's gift or something.
    The dress could have been rather good on her if it weren't hanging so loosely. A tighter fit might be nicer.


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