Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Would Arwen Wear?

Liv Tyler makes heavy silvery-smoky eye shadow appear like the prettiest thing ever, and I'm usually not a fan of this look. Since she's the face of Givenchy cosmetics, this might have been done with their Shadow Show in Stylish Grey and Star Diamond (and a good blending brush), but I think it can also be achieved using the Les Argents 46 eye shadow trio from Bourjois. It almost makes me want to try it. Another thing I love about Liv's makeup is the real color of her skin and of her lips. No orange face and weird fake nude lipstick.

Her blue Stella McCartney dress is another matter, though. I don't know if it's the fabric or the cut, but the result is less than flattering. I also don't like the way it hemmed. It's almost like someone did a quick and careless job adjusting the original dress you see below on Stella herself (from the NY Costume Institute party last month) to the shorter length. Not that I liked it all that much on Stella, either.

What do you think?

Images: Liv Tyler at the L.A. premier of The Incredible Hulk from HotCelebsHome, Stella McCartney (with Kate Moss) from Style.com


  1. The eye makeup? Great, but I'll bet it takes a pro quite a bit of time.

    The dress? Er, no. Wilma Flintstone goes hoochie.

  2. Ugh! The dress has its own built-in baby bump. Did you look at those earrings up close? They're fabulous.


  3. Liv is a "meaty" girl (a gorgeous one!) and she should avoid things that look good only on boyish-thin figures. Although that dress wouldn't look good on anyone, I think. Please notice the sideways sewing (eeeek)on both photos: it should have been seamless, not like someone yanked at a thread!

    I also like her makeup, which is a natural choice for her colouring.

    One note worthy of mention perhaps (and I am being very, very picky here): since she already has full lips, it would be nicer if the upper lip line wouldn't be highlighted with the lipgloss: it makes it look a tad drippy/shadowy just above (only in the upclose, enlarged pic). Well...told you: picky, very picky....

    Gorgeous girl, though, simply marvellous.

  4. Liv is beautiful, and I like her make-up her, but I'm not crazy about her hair and the dress is awful! Not only is it just bad style, it looks horribly made (in both pics).

  5. Liv's make up always looks amazing, but then again if I was being photographed all the time I would try and look my best too!

  6. You're right, the color of her lips and skin are amazing! The dress isn't so.em..flattering on her. But I love her anyways.


  7. Tom- It's really a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read your comment. It wouldn't have been very ladylike of me.

    And you're probably right about the time and work it takes to get this look. I know I spend way too much time doing my simple thing, not to mention when I'm trying to go all out there. I blame the cats for getting in my way and making it take longer than necessary.

  8. Calypso- you're right about the earrings. I love the vintage-y look. They deserve more than this dress (as does Liv).

  9. Helg- I agree with all of your comments. Especially the sloppiness of the seams. And that's supposed to be couture.

  10. Anon- I know what you mean about the hair. It looked better in some photos and less so in others. I prefer it when she has her hair down.

  11. Sara- Yes, it comes with the territory, much like being talked about in all the blogs ;)

  12. Grayburn- She's so lovely and adorable that even this horrid dress can't ruin it. she's just a gorgeous woman in a disaster of a dress.

  13. Sorry, I just cannot see what people see in Liv Tyler. Ever.


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