Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Katie's Nails Speak Volumes

The interesting thing in this photo of Katie Holmes is her nail polish (you'll need to click on the picture to see it full size). While I'm not a fan of blue nails, there's something fresh, fun and even rebellious in her choice of an aqua color. It's as un-Stepfordish as it gets.

I've looked around and found a few options for a similar color, all with a decidedly island getaway theme:

1. Essie Barbados Blue
2. Zoya Southbeach Ice
3. China Glaze Passion In The Pacific

Tom/Katie photo from I'm Not Obsessed


  1. I know nothing about nail polish. However, in some mag I was leafing through, Rescue Beauty (?) had this new collection based on SpongeBob Squarepants (no, seriously). So there was Patrick Starfish (a sort of melon-y pink), Squarepants (yellow, of course) and Bikini Bottom, a blue one which was just the GREATEST shade of blue -- I kept holding my pale skin up to it and thinking it would be flattering. Somewhere between a pale aqua and bluebell? Although I think they should have called it Squidward.

  2. March, I saw the SpongeBob collection and just couldn't wrp my mind around the marketing. The colors are really pretty (though I can't pull off any of them with my weird skin color). I wonder what's next: Barney & Friends? I kinda see the appeal of Barney purple...

  3. Teletubbies! Green, red, yellow and that weird purple. I could maybe wear the green one. (Dipsy?)

    PS Please add nailpolish to your list to cover in your Sparkle and Shine blog post on frosted makeup. I look at Katie's nails and am waffling on whether it would look fun or too teeny-bopper on me. Does the amount of glitter make a difference, in your opinion? I mean, the matte Bikini Bottom seemed fine.

  4. I love that China Glaze one...gorgeous.

  5. March, you're more adventurous than me in the polish department. I'm still learning to love the green.

    I'll definitely talk about sparkly nail polish. It's the one are where we can experiment more easily without looking too cougarish. My 60 year old mom wears metallic and frosted polishes in all kinds of peach shades (then again, she looks nearly 20 years younger and has much nicer hands than Madonna or Angelina Jolie).
    I usually stay away from chunky glitter, unless it's New Year's Eve or something like that, but I'm happy with metallics and shimmers (I'm reviewing another interesting Chanel next week). Now, black is a whole 'nother story.

  6. Eye4style- I agree. Out of the three, the China Glaze is my favorite.

  7. I have a bottle of L'oreal Bijou Gems nailpolish in B. Fabulous and I love it. It's a very bright, slightly shimmery aqua.
    I bought it a while back, it might not be made anymore...

  8. Natalie, that sounds like a happy, summry color.


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