Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Celeb Nails: Charlize Does Black

I don't know how I feel about this black (or is it the darkest navy? I looked at several photos and it mostly looks black) nail polish Charlize Theron was sporting yesterday at a Tokyo event. I'm also not crazy about the black bra under a sheer beige top (too Madonna circa her bra-showing days). But the shoes are fabulous (as is the vampy pedi) and I love that they're a bit broken-in.

Images: Just Jared


  1. She looks lovely, moreso because she has wrinkles. As you say, she doesn't mind that the things she wears are a little broken in. ; )

  2. Very pretty, as always.

    I think nail polish must be darkest navy, judging by the co-ordination with her blue ring.
    And the Burberry platform sandals (I think they're Burberry IIRC) are possibly midnight blue too? (although they photograph as black)
    Could be wrong?
    Otheriwise, my thinking goes, why the blue ring? Completely out of the colour scheme. Or else I am maniac with co-ordination and you can all excuse me.

  3. Dain, you're reight there's something real and natural about her. Of course, being incredibly gorgeous also helps.

  4. Helg, you're probably right about the polish. I looked at several photos but couldn't find a definite answer. The sandals are most likely black. I don't think this design ever came in navy (but there was red, as far as I can remember).

  5. BTW, I thought the sandals were Miu Miu, but now that you mention Burberry it makes more sense.

  6. Might seem weird by me to only praise nails (not only them of course) but I have to say it: really pretty black nails and toenails :D.


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