Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmys 2008 Hair And Makeup

Flowing hair, red lipstick, big lashes and No 'Bo

There's probably no statistics about the ratio of updos to big waves, but compared to award shows in the last couple of years, i got the feeling that the 60th Emmy awards saw many stars letting their hair flow in what I can only call the anti-Palin.

Thankfully, most stars avoided the Eva Longoria look, and while there was definitely an emphasis on big lashes, no other "I just got punched in the eye and it drained all the color from my lips" makeup was spotted. Instead, there was some real lip color. I love it, because seriously, if you can't wear glam red lipstick on the red carpet, where will do it?

And one last thing: We all have this stereotype about big stars with alien-like frozen faces, but it looks like this year we got to see some real faces. It doesn't mean they didn't do some subtle treatments here and there, but the laugh lines are there and the smiles actually reach their eyes. You can see it in some of the photos above as well as here, on the beautiful Cynthia Nixon.

See also last night's post: The dresses.

Images: Just Jared, Faded Youth Blog

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  1. I love Mary Louise Parker! Eva Longoria looks ridiculous with that makeup though.


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