Monday, September 29, 2008

In Her Shoes

I know this is probably not the best way to start your week, but on the other hand, why not have a good laugh?

Posh is bringing being a fashion victim to a new level while promoting the latest Beckham perfume. I don't want to know how her feet smell inside whatever it is that she's wearing.

Photo: A Socialite's Life


  1. How does she walk in those things? I wish I could see her try to run in them.

  2. She looks like a reject from "UFO". All she needs is purple hair.

  3. Has posh ever worn a comfortable pair of shoes? Maybe that's why her face looks so sour.

  4. But... but.... there are no HEELS on those things! How on earth does she even walk in them??

    When I was young, in the 70's, you could buy 'patent-look' knee socks to wear with shoes, to give the illusion of wearing boots. Awful cheap things. That's what these look like.

  5. "He is my Lord and Sovereign (the borrowed string-wearing is a smokescreen) and when we're out he commands me to wear this restrictive clothing and foot fetishisation instruments to teach me a proper lesson: two spanks for every mistep; that's why I'm always so tanned, haven't you guessed?"


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