Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Trips On The Dress And Loses An Eye

I know what Eva Longoria is going through. She and I are about the same height (I might be half an inch taller, actually), which means just about everything I buy is too long (to the joy of Josephine, my seamstress). It seems like Eva skipped the tailor with this dress and it can get dangerous.

Other than that she looks fabulous and she's finally doing something about her hair (last seen PTA-ready), but a dress that drags on the floor and gets under one's feet can't be a very good idea.

Image: Faded Youth Blog


  1. This is one of those pics that leaves you wondering, "What on earth was she thinking?" The dress seems so long that one could not possibly walk in it. And why would anyone ever want to draw attention immediately to one's feet, other than, say, someone in an ad for toenail polish? How very odd. I do agree that the hair is nice. The bag, though probably stylish, is a bit too showy for my taste, and detracts from the woman carrying it. But then, most huge, heavily decorated bags do that and people don't seem to mind. . . . .

  2. As a 6'1" woman, I'd tell her to take off my dress and stick to the petite section at her local JC Penney.

    It's hard enough to find clothes without the petites taking them!

    It looks like a bedsheet on her!


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