Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let's Start The Week On The Right Foot

I don't have the right to make fun of the hair, because that was my hair style in 1986 (I was 15 and it was the eighties. We were allowed to look stupid). But the story here is the shoes. Can you imagine the agony?

Images: Dlisted


  1. Love your blog! The hair meh but those shoes are wonderfully Mad Max fierce! As much in fashion of course they're not practical.


  2. Oh dear - those look like actual torture! I don't know how she can even walk at all. I hope some impressionable young girl does not mistake this for actual style....

  3. You mean that's not Posh and David?

    Anybody remember Rosa Klebb, the KGB granny in "From Russia With Love?" She had razor blads that popped out of her shoes.

    SO much more subtle.

  4. I'm actually pretty much in love with them!

  5. "Can you imagine the agony" for whom? Her husband when in crammed spaces or when she's angry at him at the restaurant under the table (OUCH!) or our eyes???

  6. IT may be wrong, but I kinda love them:)

  7. I think they're Louboutin shoes designed for Rodarte (or, at least, shown on the Rodarte catwalk). From what I've heard, Louboutin shoes are painful to wear for any extended amount of time, but they're certainly smashing to look at.


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