Sunday, October 12, 2008

Take Your Daughter To Hermès Day

There's something perversely fascinating in this photo of Katie Holmes and the ever adorable Suri shopping in NYC (more here) and emerging from the Hermès boutique with matching shopping bags. These photos are just as cute as the ones of Angelina and Zahara with matching Valentino Histoire bags. But is it the state of our economy that makes one raise an eyebrow? Or are we just jealous? I honestly cannot tell.

I wonder: If I were on the same budget as the Holmes-Cruise family, would I take my nieces on a similar shopping spree?

Would you?
(and what do you think is in Suri's bag?)

photo: Dlisted


  1. i wish Katie was my mommy!! LOL
    love Hermes, but i can't afford it!

  2. I don't have any daughters, but I've been taking my sons to Hermes since they were very young, not to shop for them, but to teach them about quality in workmanship. When they were small, whenever we looked at the ties we'd talk about how one day they'd be big enough to wear one. They are now teenagers and go to a school where they wear ties a lot; each owns small but lovely collection of Hermes ties. Although we've looked at other ties in other venues, they won't wear anything else, because with all the great training they've had, they realize that they can't get any better than H for quality and style. They have raided my scarf drawer for pochettes to stuff in their pockets, too! Until they get out of prep school and college, our shopping trips have necessarily been a bit constrained, but they are still going into the boutiques, wherever they are, to look at the quality. Their graduation gifts will no doubt consist of leather (practical items, of course) from H. My younger son has promised me a "thank you" gift to me (in leather), on his graduation, as well.

  3. Anon, wouldn't that mean that you get Crazy Tom as your dad? ;)

  4. Antonia James, you're giving your sons a wonderful education. Lucky boys!

  5. I've let my daughters carry small bags when I go shopping, so maybe it's not something for her. On the other hand I wouldn't really begrudge her. And FWIW it seems less over the top to me than the mommy-and-me Birkins or whatever it was.

    Mostly I think Katie should not wear those pants again, they are doing her no favors, and she is a tall, slim drink of water!

  6. March, I really like your take on this (and on Katie's pants. It's not much of an improvment from that week she borrowed Tom's jeans).

  7. Wow. I'll just vote jealousy (on my part) and say no more since sentiments seem to be leaning to the other side.

  8. Chelsea, I can't blame you. I was a bit uneasy with the casualness of this shopping trip when I first saw the photos. But just as March said above, for all we know, Suri's little bag could be empty.
    Let's face it: this little girl is more priviledged than we can even understand (having TC for a father notwithstanding). The Hermes boutique is simply part of her world, whether we like it or not, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. I hope she grows up sane.

  9. Adorable yes but I would take mine to the park instead!

    x Grayburn


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