Thursday, October 02, 2008

Two Classy Ladies

The celeblogs are so full of Z-listers and distorted reality show "stars" that I'm getting bored out of my mind. So it was a pleasant surprise to see the photos from yesterday's New York City’s fifth annual Shop for Public Schools promotion (a week-long event that has hundreds of stores across the city will donate part of their proceeds to public school libraries).

Caroline Kennedy has a Jackie thing going there and I love Sarah Jessica Parker's sweater dress. It's a very feminine and flattering silhouette ( J. Crew is a good option. I wish they had it in a v-neck or a very deep scoop), and, of course, grey. I'm semi-obsessed with this color lately and it seems to look just as good on blondes as on non-blondes.

Photo: Faded Youth Blog


  1. Here here! Probably just a sign I'm getting old, but I'm soooo sick of being bombarded with gossip about vacuous 17-year-olds who pass for celebrities. Thanks for the pic of some classy women!

  2. Thanks for posting this. Those two look fabulous, don't they, and like real people with whom we'd all like to chat, too. Getting to your other comment: Grey is such a great neutral . . . not as harsh as black but just as versatile, and more friendly, too. It looks good on so many people, and because it comes in lots of different shades, you can wear related separates together and the overall look is smashing. And it's a total no-brainer for those of us who have the confidence to celebrate our own grey (as in hair . . . For many of us, salt/pepper to silver really is the best hair color for our skin/eye colors).

  3. Antonia, I fully agree. SJP has always seemed like someone I'd like to meet.
    I han't started going grey yet, but the silver alternative is very appealing to me, even though I probably shouldn't. With my long hair and dark skin it might look too witchy.

  4. Here's another classy gal, this one with dark coloring and gorgeous silvery white hair: . Look at picture 5 for great use of color, in my not-so-humble-opinion. Lagarde is also smarter than anyone else at these financial summits, and not the least bit afraid to call a spade a spade, so I'm a huge fan of hers for a variety of reasons. Getting back to the hair color thing . . . I have fair to ruddy rather pink skin and greenish grey eyes, and have for the past few years considered myself lucky to have coloring that goes so well with my increasingly silver, formerly "tweed" dark/light hair . . . . but then I saw this photo of Lagarde and realized that those of you with darker skin and eyes can pull of the light hair look really well. It requires a bit more attention in selecting your accessories, lipstick, etc. -- which all of us need to be doing anyway, as we get older, because our skin tones change too, as well as our natural hair color, with age. I recently went to a large wedding where I people-watched the older crowd with an eye to the color choices of the women who'd gone grey and white, and believe me, when you don't correct your colors, the result can be rather disastrous. Anyway, I love my silver grey and am really pleased to see more younger women embracing/celebrating their salt-and-pepper. I agree though that the long hair in silver is not a great look. But who knows, by the time the silver hair becomes a reality, you may want a new short haircut anyway.


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