Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Oldest Mistake In The Book

I was working on the opening paragraph for tomorrow's post, Most Common Makeup Mistakes when I got distracted by the photo above. See, my point was how despite the recycled periodic article on this subject most magazines tend to run when they're out of something new to say, we all know better, so some atrocities are now extinct. Like wearing a lip liner darker than your lipstick.

It looks like Jessica Simpson really wants us to notice her new collagen lips. I have no other explanation for this. At first I thought it might be a bad angle or shading, but The Superficial has a whole bunch of pictures showing more of the same. Apparently, Jess doesn't read enough beauty advice.

Maybe I should reconsider tomorrow's post. Or at least add a few immortal suggestions like avoiding the clown cheek look or a discussion about the importance of blending.


  1. Did she really get collagen injections, or is she just pouting? Anyway, the lipstick color is much too pale and gooey. She's look so much better in a non-cadaver shade. She's still gorgeous; too bad she dooesn't really have very good taste.

  2. Hmm- I thought Jessica gave up on the trout pout bit. Looking at the other photos I think she might have been just making the Patsy Stone face.

    Of course there's no excuse for the brown pencil doing the Joan Crawford as Sadie Thompson lip line and filling in with icy peach. What is that? It's 12 different kinds of wrong!

  3. Speaking of clown cheeks, did you see Kate Blanchett on Oprah last night? She had enough blush on to give Raggedy Anne a run for her money. HDTV is a cruel, cruel thing.

  4. Yikes! It's like she glued two slugs to her face and painted them pink!

    My pet hate of makeup violations is Cheeto Face, as often seen on cosemetic counter SAs and flight attendants.
    I don't know what lighting these women are using to apply their makeup, but seriously, they need to stop buying foundation shades which an Oompa Loompa would reject as too unnatural-looking.

  5. Here's a Makeup Don't to consider: Very young girls wearing much too harsh makeup. I see it all the time, girls who are maybe 12, 14, 16 wearing harsh black liner (both tight lining and regular lining). On deeper skintones, it can be stunning. It provides appropriate contrast and pop. On fair-skinned girls, there's too much contrast and they end up looking harsh and hard.
    Also, I love MAC, but MAC retail workers typically wear pounds of foundation and crazy - not stunning, but crazy - makeup.

  6. That stuff about not wearing darker lipliner that the magazines feed us is bullcrap. With a few lip liners of different shades and a few lipsticks, one can mix and match and make a whole new set of colors. The trick is to make sure you fill your lips in, if not entirely, then at least a bit in from the outer line. Never, regardless of the color, pencil in a razor-thin line around the edges of the lips; that will always look too harsh.

    Last time I had my makeup done, it was by Guerlain's national artist and he used a much darker liner with a peachy shade over it. My lips were stunning.

  7. Yikes, this is why I stick to balms and glosses. I'd rather have someone look at my eyes anyway. I like what The Kindly One said, it's very true. I think what happens is that mothers are trying to make the girls look sweet, and they rebel by wearing tons of eyeliner. I did that with a lot of my friends when I was younger, but thankfully we all grew out of it.

  8. I just saw an Estee Lauder SA sporting this exact look last week. Clearly some people didn't get the memo.

    Personally I can't wait for that whole nude lip thing to go away. I don't think it's especially flattering on most women, and I think it's going to be one of those trends we look back on and find really dated looking.

  9. I think anyone who has to do anything surgically to make themselves someone they're not has some serious issues... especially when they're beautiful in the first place. Be happy with what you have and feel fortunate that you don't have 4 arms or 2 heads... geez....

  10. this is all kinds of wrong. didn't jessica herself say that she regretted getting her lips done in the past? why would she do it again and then emphasize it?

    "Also, I love MAC, but MAC retail workers typically wear pounds of foundation and crazy - not stunning, but crazy - makeup."

    YES. this is why i didn't go to a MAC counter until sometime last year. even though i heard such great things about certain products, the girls there scared the crap out of me. it's like they rolled around in a vat of pigments before showing up to work. i couldn't make eye contact with them. thankfully they're a bit more restrained where i live now.

  11. i like pale lipstick. While, I don't always like what she is wearing, she is gorgeous with or without make-up!


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