Friday, November 07, 2008

We All Have Our Baggage

I'll never feel guilty again about my packing habits. I don't travel light, but I'm also not Maria Carey, who brought all this luggage for a three day stay in London.

I'm doing some (domestic) travel next week and have been obsessing on what to take. What are your travel essentials? I can definitely use some inspiration.

photo: Faded Youth Blog


  1. A couple of cashmere cardigans, I generally wear one on the plane to keep me warm.
    My rosebud lip salve, polysporin and some rich handcream for on the plane (If you put polysporin on your nose a) it keeps it moisterized and b) it helps to keep germs at bay)
    My Camera
    A few books and magazines to read on the plane
    Everything else depends on the time of year and where I'm going


    iPhone with movies and a good book. Sleep mask and earplugs. A snack for the plane like craisins and I second rosebud salve.

  3. With my minor OCD (AKA mini-Monk situation) I pack in my purse: Baby wipes, waterless soap. / hand cleaner.
    Also KASHI granola bar. I also carry my jewelry in my purse and not my suitcase.
    Suitcase: black pants or skirt (Always!). Two cardigans (one black, of course). Warm socks for the evenings. Lips moisturizer (hotel rooms make my lips chop). At least one red item (shirt / dress / accessory).

  4. Essentials: raspberry Emergen-C, iPod, Carmex for lips and polysporin for my nose (hear, hear, Alysia!); British Vogue & journal, almonds, a dark chocolate bar, EO hand sanitizer, cashmere socks, pashmina.

  5. I usually don't travel anywhere too hot, so - black pashmina, black turtleneck, black t-shirt, white blouse, black leggings, jeans, dress/skirt if needed. For the plane - Kiehl's lip balm, ear plugs, water, magazine and/or book, notebook, my jewelery in my purse


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