Friday, December 05, 2008

Eva Mendes: The Good, The Bad And The Inexplicably Orange

I've always liked interesting eyeliner colors. Us, olive skinned non-blondes, can pull off many unorthodox shades because our undertones take the edge of them. Here's Eva Mendes in an electric blue eyeliner. Problem is, she forgot the essential rule of toning down everything else when you go for such a look. This closeup photo shows just as bad the foundation/bronzer/blush situation was.

As a bonus, at the same event, The Spirit launch party, Scarlett Johansson also sports some monster blush (and your great aunt Tilly's couch as a dress). I love the hair color, though.

Photos: I'm Not Obsessed


  1. I think it's funny that the other day I made a comment along the lines of how much I love peachy blushes but they can go seriously, seriously wrong on some women. Especially if they use too much and don't blend enough. This is EXACTLY what I meant. The rest of her makeup, though, I'm fond of. If only pale girls like me could pull off wicked bright eyeliner without looking psychotic.

  2. i love scarlett's hair color too - kind of the no man's land between blond/red/light brown. though i could be biased because it's similar to mine :) at least what i try to get mine to be..

  3. I'm not crazy about Scarjo, but I am fond of Eva Mendes, so I hope it's just the clown makeup that's making her look so haggard in the photos. :-(

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  5. Ooh, don't like the hair on Eva and yes the makeup looks 'off'.

  6. Whatever Eva does, sehe's still very pretty. But is she wearing a wig? The part seems a little artificial...(or the hair is seriously pouffy?) And Scarlett is very pretty too and this hair colour is fabulous, I agree (looks classy and healthy).

    BTW, Ruth, do you leave the same thing on every venue? Give the Non Blonde some advertising fees before doing that!

  7. Eva Mendes looks awesome in that yellow top.

    She deserves the vote of the most desirable woman given by askmen in 2008 because she is so damn sexy.

    I wonder how many men did she love till now and also if her body is 100% natural.


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