Thursday, December 11, 2008

Perfect And Almost Perfect- Scarlett Johansson And Emma Watson

Twenty five years ago, when I was in junior high, my friends and I were experimenting with makeup. I wasn't really allowed to wear it to school, but it didn't prevent me from going to town with black eyeliner pencils and that sticky, oily lip gloss that came in roll-on bottles and smelled like teen spirit. My mother was equally horrified by the idea of having a daughter old enough to wear makeup and by the way we used to wear said black liner: on the inner rim and between the lower lashes, creating what she used to call "cow eye" effect (my father was even less polite about it).

Years and many magazine articles later, we all learned how this style actually made our eyes look smaller, and all that black (which also tended to smear and bleed quite a bit. It was cheap 80s drugstore stuff, after all) was too harsh for our young faces. Personally, I realized that given the size and shape of my eyes, I need to keep any and all eye makeup to the top lid.

Lovely Emma Watson (photographed her in the Los Angeles The Tale of Despereaux premiere) was not even born then, so here she is embracing that 80s eyeliner look. Of course, she's so cute and otherwise perfect with her fresh skin and masterfully shaped eyebrows, that she can wear whatever she wants and still look stunning. But her eye makeup does bring me back to those days of early teen angst, pre-crazy Michael Jackson and tight-rolled jeans.

A softer, more classic and completely flawless makeup is what we see on Scarlett Johansson in two recent Nobel Peace Prize events (I'm still not quite sure how and why she was even there, but, hey, eye candy!). I love both the glammed-up evening version and the old Hollywood look. No crazy clown blush or weird wardrobe choices this time. Just perfect.

photos: The Socialite's Life and Hot Celeb Home.


  1. Scarlett was leading a concert at the event, the dress she has on the stage was fine but another that she has either before or after was not so perfect.
    I think that teenagers have similar taste in make-up, because even me in may early age had black eyeliner and strange lipgloss:-)))) And we are living on different continents.

  2. I think Scarlett looks beautiful in the first picture, but quite harsh and cheap in the second picture. Emma Watson is adorable. Although I would have liked to have seen less eyeliner, especially on the bottom, in my opinion it doesn't distract from her overall beauty.

  3. They're both very lovely!
    I think Emma is very cute and is probably enjoying being all "grown up" now which explains the perennial lure of the black eye-liner (hey, we all did it at some point in our lives, didn't we?). Perhaps a lighter application would be perfect. What I really want to know though is what is on her lips: it looks so nice!

  4. Nelli, it's a hit or miss with Scarlett. Some of her outfits in recent weeks were truly atrocious, others were absoluely perfect.
    It looks like the blacl eyeliner is a rite of passage around the world :)

  5. Meryl, I agree. Emma could wear anything and everything and still look amazing.

  6. Helg, that's a good question. It's more than a lip balm, with just the right amount of color and shimmer. It might be the glitter lip balms from Bobbi Brown's Copper Diamond collection.


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