Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Spirit Of Fashion Victims Past

Scarlett Johansson, July 2007:

Posh Beckham, April 2008:

Spring 2009, according to Bergdorf Goodman, all of us (click to enlarge):

Just say no.

Images: Posh from the Daily Mail, Scarlett from The Superficial, fashion from BergdorfGoodman.com. Left ($1695) and center ($1095) by Stella McCartney. The one on the right is by Vince ($325).


  1. oof- A load of photos that make you wonder what the B-Roll looks like. I'm pursing my lips in a way that might herniate them.

  2. Hm- but a grey jumpsuit is just so tempting *sarcastic*.

    I try not to look anything like the men that work on my car, so I'll pass.


  3. Urgh. To paraphrase Mommie Dearest: "No jumpsuits - EVER!"


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