Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars 2009- Red Carpet Live Blogging

First question of the night: Does Ryan Seacrest want to shoot himself after having to interview certain underaged so called celeb?

It looks like the cool guys are still not shaving. While Zac Efron is scrubbed clean (and has ridiculous hair), Dominic Cooper is scruffy. I'm willing to forgive him anything because of the accent.

Some interesting jewelry on gorgeous Amy Adams, Taraji P. Henson and creepy Madonna (who seems to have gone overboard with the inner-eye highlighter).

Heidi Klum confirms my early suspicious: Her dress is highly uncomfortable. I'm not crazy about her hair: she seems to be sharing a stylist with little Zac Efron.

What's eating Sarah Jessica Parker? Is it the dirty water dress or whatever it is she's done to her face (botox, probably).

Natalie Portman is redefining pink and stardom. She's stunning.

I considered saying something about Robin Wright-Penn, but decided not to. Being married to Sean Penn is hard enough. I wouldn't be smiling, either.

A perfume moment: Apparently Evan Rachel Wood is wearing something by Benefit. I'd never have guessed in a million years. Good thing she hasn't ruined one of my favorites for me. I used to like her in her pre-Marilyn Manson days. And before I heard her talking unscripted.

Should I bother commenting on that thing sprouting out of Jessica Niel's dress? Does anyone care? It makes her look stiff and unapproachable. Oh, wait...

More dresses, hair, makeup and what's up with Reese Whitherspoon tomorrow, as photos and clarity become available.

Images: Faded Youth Blog, A Socialite's Life and Just Jared


  1. Hey - my accent's the same as Dominic Cooper's... ;-) ;-)

  2. What has happened to Heidi Klum? Her features in the face are so hard, almost steely. She starts to look like a man.

  3. I acutally just met Dominic Cooper at the Toronto Airport going through customs. He's so nice and took a picture with me, and as a lover of perfumes let me just say he smells good.


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