Monday, March 16, 2009

Blondes In Red Lipstick

Mary-Kate Olsen and Claudia Schiffer wore bright red lipstick to the Metropolitan Opera's 125th anniversary gala. I actually like Mary-Kate's look, though maybe she could use a little lip liner. I hope Claudia's eye situation is a case of camera fluke and not a Botox overload.

What say you?

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  1. Mary Kate looks like Courtney Love's long lost sister (aka messy), and yes, she desperately needs a lip liner.

  2. As a blonde, I prefer not to wear red. The only blonde I've liked it on, that I can think of, is Gwen Stefani. It's usually too harsh and unnatural looking. Granted, bright red is never "natural" looking, but on darker skinned, or darker haired women it isn't so severe. Claudia looks like a clown.

  3. OMG Mary Kate looks awful.
    And my mom always told me that covering one eye with the hair makes you look like you have something to hide.
    But the red lipstick is actually nice.

  4. Blondes in that yellow-toned shade of blond hair with brighttraffic-lights-red lipstick? Palymate material...Sorry....

    Now if they were brunettes, if the red was a little cooler and if the whole demeanour was a little less "here I am, posing for the photo-ops because it's a formal occassion and I'm expected to", it might looks a little more sophisticated to me.

    One thing I like: how MKO actually wears something that looks appopriate and put-together.

  5. haha! mary-kate's hair looks pretty much exactly like mine... right after waking up. little did i know i could just walk out the door and have it be considered fashion-forward!

  6. I actually kind of like Mary-Kate's look, though I think it only works because she's more tanned than poor miss Claudia. (Also, blondes, if you have dark roots -- for whatever reason -- don't wear your hair strait. It's a mistake, and it only makes your glossy golden highlights look greasy) I'm a blonde myself, and when I wear red it's usually not quite so RED, and more berry or pomegranate... That being said, you've got to admire them for going quasi 30's red, instead of the unfortunate poppy that's been circulating.

  7. I think its absolutely gorgeous when blondes wear red lipstick. It give the look a pop, makes it more interesting.

  8. As a blond with nearly identical coloring (I have peach/pink cool toned fair skin) as Claudia Shiffer I wear red lips with abandon. What I'm mindful of is the formula and finish of the final outcome. I wear everything from sheer bright red to opaque red crimson. Red lipstick has the great propensity to enhance every skin asset or flaw, depending on your issue. If you have rosacea, scars or "bad" skin, stay the hell away from red lips. If your teeth are yellow no lipstick will make them look white whether your brunette, red headed or hairless. Red lips are attitude lips and what some regard as slutty or harsh in (my) reality are lips reflecting a very confident powerful woman. Lastly, shame on you for posting examples of one of the more unattractive blond people(MKO) and one of the most unflattering photos of the highest paid model/beautiful women in world history,CS. You could have found better examples and photos. Typical blond haters.


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