Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Five Things We Can Live Without

1. Lady GaGa- All of a sudden Posh Beckham looks like a role model.

1.Ed Hardy- This tattoo-inspired line was cool about five years ago but jumped the shark even before Madonna started wearing it in public. Nothing is more pathetic than adults wearing this label from head to toe. And the perfume sucks, too.

3. Fashion and beauty "recession advice" geared to make us buy lots and lots of cheap crap.

4. Horribly scripted "reality" TV. The Real Housewives of NYC used to be a sweet spot of guilty pleasure, but it's so awfully done with the staged conflicts and the abrasive personalities I'm finding it hard to justify watching it even while sweating on the elliptical.

5. Reviving the worst trends from the 80s. You know how most of us look at photos of ourselves from 1985 and ask "What the hell was I thinking?" ? I have loved Kristen Bell since the first episode of Veronica Mars, but this look is too godawful for words.

Images: Dlisted and I'm Not Obsessed.


  1. The only thing that I can write that's remotely positive about Ed Hardy is that his ascendence has eclipsed the (equally having nothing to do with the source material) whole Von Dutch bit, who was reportedly an anti-Semite. So that's good, right?

  2. Oh, there are more "things" we could definitely live without, for example Lady Gaga...

  3. Tell me about it. I cannot believe the degree of fashion victimhood some people fall prey to. Most of these looks were bad in the 80's and still are today. Thank goodness that I have acquired confidence and my own taste - I only wear what suits me, feels comfortable and of course looks good on me. And I am rarely ever boring. If a trend works for me I may give it a (brief) twirl but otherwise I stick to what works well all the time.
    Anyway, Lady Gaga and co need to get into the papersto sell CD's. Hence the extreme looks..
    BTW Gaia what are your thoughts on the new First lady's style?

  4. Who IS Lady Gaga? Excuse my foreigner ignorance... Some porn celebritoid or something by the looks of it?

    As to those salwar pants with those sandals, well...some things are better left unspoken. Is "Abduction from the Seraglio" in the works perhaps?

  5. Tom, you're right, of course. My old Ed Hardy t-shirts are still relegated to sleep and clean-the-litterbox wear. I'm so over this trend.

  6. Lady Jane, I know it's a bit mean to refer to her as a "thing", but she's objectifying herself and is just so ridiculous. I have no idea why all the celeb sites think we need to get a daily dose of her Gaganess.

  7. Lili, you're spot on. I wouldn't go back in time to my late teens or early twenties for this very reason (unless Tom goes back in time with me and keeps me sane).

    As for the first lady, I like her a lot. Even if not every style choice she makes are necessarily what I would have chosen for her, she's still miles ahead from the previous holder of the title. She has distinct taste, which is a very good thing, and her height is probably also a factor in her choices.

  8. E., you're not missing on much with Lady Gaga. She's supposed to be a singer, but I'm not familiar with her music. I have a feeling it wouldn't be my thing (or yours).

  9. Yes, what is it with the eighties? Is it some kind of Depression era updated shoulder pad kind of thing? Harem pants: such a bad idea on anyone not granting wishes...

    Lady Gaga, on the other hand, I have a soft spot for -- as I do all shameless, intelligent exhibitionists. She's smarter than she looks.

  10. Alyssa, your line about harem pants is the best one I've read all week. Thanks for making me smile :)

  11. Thank you for this spost! Well put!


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