Monday, April 27, 2009

Kate Moss Parties Like It's 1988

Last celeb post for tonight (I promise something completely different tomorrow):

Showing what 20 years of hard partying would do to one's face and putting the T in trashed (she actually ended the night with the dress getting ripped and falling apart), Kate Moss looks like she's paying a homage to the new Star Trek movie and going to the Final Frontier (I'm resisting making an "It's dead, Jim" joke) in this space dress with the don't-try-it-at-home horizontal stripes and scary shoulder pads.

(Kate was not the only celeb with silver padded shoulders last week. The other one was Miley Cyrus, but I draw the snark line at the underaged)

Image: A Socialite's Life


  1. If you think her face looks haggard, look at her neck. I'm 60 and my neck doesn't look that bad.

  2. But it's Balmain!

    *which means you're supposed to squeal and swoon, preferably at the same time*

    Silly Non-Blonde -- get with the program!!!

  3. Anon, she's the poster child of what walking on the wild side does to one's face.

  4. Nathan, I'll have to work on my swooning skills. And someone at Balmain should work on making their dresses hard partying resistant. The way the seams busted by the end of that night doesn't say much for their craftmanship...

    And Lt. Uhura still wants her dress back.


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