Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mischa Barton And The Case Of The Missing Pants

Mischa Barton is a button away from a first degree wardrobe malfunction. I have nothing against micro-minis on the young and the leggy, but this piece is barely a dress. Mischa was photographed wearing this outfit last week in NYC. I can't imagine her getting out of a cab and staying covered, not to mention getting on the subway (or an escalator).

And it's not even flattering.

Photo: I'm Not Obsessed


  1. No, it's not flattering. It looks like the thing my grandmother wore, when she cooked plum marmelade (which is lovely to eat but nasty to cook).

  2. Besides the fact that it's STILL COLD in NYC!

    I can understand the desire to be considered fashion forward, but trotting down a chilly (low-50's), windy city sidewalk in what's clearly a piece of sunny resort wear qualifies as a train wreck, not a photo-op.

  3. Lady Jane, I had a similar thought (minus the marmelade that now I'm craving)- a grandma's housecoat.

  4. Nathan, you're right, of course.
    I tried to remember if there was even one day last week that I'd dare leave the house without a jacket (not to mention without pants!), but even the nicest day had enough wind to make this outfit even more impossible than it looks in the picture. Honestly, Mischa looks like a fashion victim of the worst kind.

  5. Oh dear, she looks like she left the house and forgot to put her pants on. Not to mention she must be freezing! This is definitely a fashion don't.

  6. It looks like she's wearing a night shirt.

  7. Tara, I hope she's at least wearing really warm undies...

  8. MT- Poor Mischa. From granny's housecoat to a tropical nightie. Probably not what she expected when she got this so-called dress.


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