Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As Seen On Celebs: Distressed Denim

The trend that never completely goes away: by the time Stacy and Clinton manage to convince mall shoppers across the nation that distressed denim isn't doing them any favors, these jeans appear again on the legs of some celeb and we're back to square one. I probably had such a pair in every decade, but not going there again. How about you?

Photos: Socialite's Life, Faded Youth Blog, I'm Not Obsessed


  1. Sorry-

    I never understood paying extra to make jeans look like they would eventually anyway.

  2. distressed and trashy mainly go together... less is always more in this case...

  3. I kind of like distressed denim... not enough to pay for it, but I understand the appeal. I think its the whole "I look quasi homeless, but am still put together beautifully" culture we've got going on. Effortless beauty is one thing, but looking like a hobo is another thing entirely. :D

  4. A little distressed is okay with me, especially since I'm on a college campus, but nothing looks more awkward than a middle-aged woman wearing a pair of ripped up mom jeans. I have one pair of jeans with a very artful hole in the pocket due to a wayward drop of sulfuric acid in chemistry lab, but that was pure accident. I've been trying to decide if I can pass them off as "distressed" or if I'll just look like that crazy girl who didn't make sure the cork was on the test tube all the way before inverting.

    At any rate, distressed denim still doesn't hold a candle to extra-dark premium denim in my book. Those are by far my favorites.


  5. No, never wore it, never will. I don't pay for holey jeans!


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