Friday, May 01, 2009

Demi Moore At the Cartier 100th Anniversary in America Celebration

Maybe I shouldn't, but I really like Demi Moore (her taste in men notwithstanding). Here she is at the Cartier 100th Anniversary in America Celebration, sporting a beautiful ring and an interesting nail polish. As far as I can tell from a closeup it's quite glittery, which I'm not sure I'd pair with serious bling, but I love the color. Any guesses what polish/color this might be?

Photo: Faded Youth Blog


  1. The ring is absolutely stunning. The nails . . . not so much. The color is striking, but the metal flake look is far from elegant. It reminds me of the type of glittery polish that appeals to six year olds. Something a bit more refined would have put the spotlight on the ring rather than on her middle-aged hands. Sorry, Demi.

  2. Chypre-Perfume, thank you :) I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  3. Anon, I agree. It looks like a beginner's mistake. Amazing color, wrong texture. I don't remember seeing this amount of glitter in any good quality nail poilsh ever since Anna Sui products vanished from our shelves.


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