Friday, May 22, 2009

The It Shoe

I have to give props to whoever does the PR for Christian Louboutin. They managed to get these peep-toe platforms on just about every foot these last couple of weeks. They seem to be a mandatory item for celebs from Cannes to Hollywood, though most opted to wear theirs on the red carpet and not for prancing around like Hayden Panetierre. In any case, as much as the idea of celeb uniform is amusing (I have a few ideas for more items, inspired by Lady Gaga's wardrobe), I find it a bit ridiculous that everyone is wearing the very same pair of shoes, Louboutin or not. It's also kind of boring.

Photos: Just Jared and Faded Youth Blog


  1. That's the *one* objection I have regarding the Louboutin brand.

    Yes, they're beautiful -- the platforms especially, with a graceful curve to the heel and a very well designed toe -- but familiarity is in danger of breeding contempt.

    They have some fantastic colors this spring/summer though. The neon teal and the bright yellow are terrific. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that in photos rather than the repetition of the neutral shades.

  2. Seconding Nathan here... As soon as I could afford them, I bought them, but seeing how they've become ubiquitous makes them a little boring and vulgar, no matter how gorgeous they are.
    Which is just as well for my credit card, I guess.

  3. Penelope and Angelina got it right because the shoes go well with their evening attire, but the other ladies. . .meh! I hate Louboutin's insistence on red soles no matter the style, color, or material. It's Louboutin's need for recognition at the expense of beauty which makes anyone who wears the shoes his promoter.


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