Friday, May 08, 2009

V is for Fashion Victim

Rihanna, obviously searching for the Final Frontier, at the 3rd Annual DKMS gala. The outfit probably makes sense in Posh Beckham's world, I'm just not sure why a pretty young thing who gets a lot of attention just by showing up needs to dress this way. I'm not even saying a word about the nail polish. The boots are interesting, though.

Photo: A Socialite's Life


  1. Yikes - highly unfortunate! Who wears a skirt that does not fit in such an incredibly unflattering way? Not to mention the rest of the horror show. I have seen her look so stunning almost all the time at her public appearances, so I have no idea what the was thinking here.

  2. Flora, I wish I knew. I get that she's so young, stunningly gorgeous and trying to find and express herself style-wise. But a little more common sense (and taste) would have done wonders.

  3. Tom, I need a "snorting and sprayng beverage is bad for one's laptop" emoticon...


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