Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Evolving Style Of Evan Rachel Wood

I have a hard time figuring out what's going on with Evan Rachel Wood.

She was never into puppies puppies-and-rainbows roles, even when she was a cute, fresh-faced girl. From playing a young teen struggling with an eating disorder and ambiguous sexuality on the dearly departed series Once And Again (where are Zwick & Herskovitz and why won't they come and rescue the coming TV season?) to a disturbing role in every parent's nightmare, Thirteen. Then she really turned into her own mother's nightmare and brought Marilyn Manson home for dinner.

During her Manson years, Evan Rachel Wood's appearance became more than a little disturbing. Between the goth thing and a growing resemblance to Manson's ex wife, Dita Von Teese, she looked much older than her 19-20 year old self.

She didn't lighten up much even after she stopped sharing her bed and eyeliner with the prince of fugliness, but lately she's been looking almost normal, though not really like a 21 year old.

Photos:, and Just Jared

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  1. I love Evan...but, I think she has some pain lingering from her childhood! It's my understanding that her father has his own substance abuse issues...which leads me to believe, heal Manson, heal your father? How's that for dime-store psychology? I just hope she can get out of this dark period before her career, and certain Oscar nomination gets lost in the shuffle.


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