Monday, June 01, 2009

Four Things That Make No Sense

Hilary Duff's Footwear:

Drew Barrymore's makeup:

Megan Fox's hair:

Madonna's denim tuxedo:

Photos: I'm Not Obsessed, Faded Youth Blog and The Superficial


  1. Agreed, although I think Drew looks gorgeous, despite the weird eye thingy going on.

  2. lady jane greyJune 02, 2009 1:54 AM

    What's happened with Madonna's face ???
    And there is no plastic surgery on hands ?

  3. wow her hair isn't the best! usually she looks so put together on the red carpet

  4. I for one, welcome Megan Fox's hair style. Because if the greasy roots, normal ends look catches on, I will have finally found myself a trend that is nothing more than what my annoying scalp does anyway. (And I'll save a fortune on shampoo.) Bring it on!

  5. LOL! You really know how to scout for them!
    Madonna's grimace and body language says "Bollocks, my privates are squeezed to death..ergh...egads! just swalloed my chewing gum!"

    @Pending: ROTFLMAO!! Good one!

  6. Hilary's feet look like they've been over-wrapped in leather ACE bandages. Was this done by a stylist or a nurse?
    As for Madonna, her denim jacket style is straight out of the 18th century: long length, over-sized cuffs, large stand-up collar, shiny buttons galore. Unfortunately for Madonna, they didn't have denim back then so the look doesn't translate well. All that money and so little taste--makes me sad.

  7. Megan Fox would have been better off to tie her hair in a pony-tale or something. There's nothing elegant about slicked roots and dry ends...

    Though a small part of me loved Madonna's jacket, just not paired with denim everything else.

  8. I'd nominate Drew's blue under-eye shadow as the look most six year olds playing with their Mom's make up aspire to...although, kids today are maturing so rapidly maybe most of them know better. I'll revise that down to three year olds. Did she have access to a mirror or was she smoking something really good?

  9. lol! thanks for the laugh hehe :)


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