Friday, July 24, 2009

A Fashion Moment With Rihanna And Friends

A note to highly impressionable teenagers everywhere: Don't try this at home. Seriously, I'm still embarrassed about an 1985 incident that included a pair of very similar Madonna-inspired gloves and a math teacher who would never be the same. But I'm referring more to the jumpsuit, which Rihanna is probably the only person in the universe who can pull it off. On 99% of us it would be ridiculously unflattering.

What I do like here is the pearls (we all have a perverted inner Jackie O., right?) and the super glam makeup. Flawless skin, black eyeliner and red lipstick- all beautiful and as red carpet worthy as it gets. The nails, however, are atrocious (click the second photo to see what I mean).

As a bonus, for all of us Party of Five nerds, here's Neve Campbell at the same event, (the London premier of Inglorious Bastards) looking as sane and adorable as if it's still 1995.

And an unrelated second bonus, Posh Beckham modeling her own creation (I like the outfit) and looking unintentionally hilarious.

all photos: Dlisted


  1. lady jane greyJuly 25, 2009 4:06 AM

    Rihanna's nails are... can't find the words - a big minus.
    And as of Posh : those poor feet...

  2. I think Victoria Beckham has a permanent tooth pain. Any normal person, even a not very happy one, smiles from time to time. SHe doesn't. It has to be the tooth pain.

  3. Why has it never occurred to me to put a swing over a set of stairs!? It seems so obvious now.

    I'm also enjoying the outfit on the woman standing behind Rihanna wearing the long black vest over a long blue tee shirt, leggings and slouchy grey boots. I would be so disappointed if I finally got my 15minutes and that was what I was wearing.

  4. For her own safety, I seriously hope the nails are fakes. But Rihanna looks very attractive whatever she does, I can't place it, she's really pretty and she has something of her own. Even with Madonna gloves (why, why?)

    Neve looks fine, she always more or less does.

    Posh looks plastic. She always more or less does.


  5. Lady Jane, "a big minus" is a perfect, understated way to say this. These nails look like something you can't take on a plane with you. Evil.

  6. Loquemepondriahoy, it's either a toothache or a fiber deficiency in her diet.

  7. Elaine, I had the same thought about the lady behind Rihanna. What's with the boots?

  8. Elena, you're right on all three. I often question some of Rihanna's style choices (it's usually the nails, go figure), but no matter what, she's gorgeous and has the potential to become a real icon.


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