Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Good Looks- Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham (indeed!)

This must be the first time I'm posting a photo of Victoria Beckham without the "fashion victim" tag. I really like her blouse and the outfit doesn't make her look insane. Of course, there's the hair issue, which unpleasantly reminds me of Kate Gosslin (can we stop the trend of people becoming celebs because of over-breeding?). I'd rather focus on the clothes. I think they have an almost vintage flair.

Miranda Kerr is one of the better dressed celebrities. She's always well put-together and doesn't look victimized by her stylist. This is another vintage-inspired look, and the faux-wrap dress is very pretty.

The vintage theme made me think about perfumes (I'm wearing vintage Rumeur tonight). I'd bet Posh would wear sneakers in public before she'd even consider putting on any of her atrocious drugstore fragrances, so how would you scent Victoria and Miranda in these outfits?

photos: Just Jared


  1. Let's see - Jolie Madame for Posh, she looks pretty fierce, or maybe Cabochard; for Miranda something pretty like the original Carolina Herrera scent or maybe even Laura Ashley No. 1 in honor of the retro feel of her dress.

  2. I can't but help but think that in my parents day that picture would have been of Jackie Onassis, looking happier, less starved and less contrived.

    The tabs fascination with that Pennsylvania Octomom, her brood, her bodyguard and her 15 minutes is just a sign of celebrity entropy. I'm frankly tuning out and going to Netflix.

  3. I don't know why, but the expression of VB's body starts to look like a body of old skinny woman. Maybe it is because of the thinness in combination with very brown skin, I don't know...:(

  4. I must disagree...Miranda Kerr is adorable :)

  5. D., you're probably right- Posh needs a serious vintage leather. Something that never smiles...

  6. Tom, between the crazy Octomom, the bitchy Octomom (take your pick who is who) and the Duggar family, I get a feeling the world has gone crazy. Changing tons of diapers does not a celebrity make.

  7. Lavinia, I think it's the bunyons and other foot discomforts...

  8. Courtney, I'm sorry if I wan't clear. I really like Miranda Kerr and loved her dress.


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