Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What Would Heather Say?

Winona Ryder is an 80s nightmare. I tried to decide what's the worst part of this outfit. My vote goes for the shoes. What do you think?

photo: Socialite Life


  1. I think it's the jeans.

    Rolled cuffs shorten and thicken her legs. And what is that on her knees, paint?

  2. The jeans! She's too short and too petite for cuffed anything! (though I've never met anyone who could manage cuffed jeans well)

  3. at the risk of saying too much about myself and sounding like a naysayer-- my girlfriends wear outfits like this to have coffee.

    i can't judge people, even celebrities, when they are at the airport or doing errands and looking like they really don't want the attention and are dressing for comfort.

    the worst part- i kind of like the shoes. (please, don't ban me from the blog!)

  4. The jeans are the least flattering. The sweatshirt is something I'd wear to the gym and then to BJ's to buy my bulk goods. Ugly.

    However, she looks comfy. I will wear ugly stuff that is comfortable when I'm running errands on Saturday afternoon (I usually take my time getting ready to go out for the night after all these chores are done).

    It is fine to not look your best all the time...unless you're attempting to pass off your scrubby outfit as some sort of fashionable statement-maker.

  5. The jeans. She either knelt in white paint or they're torn and she's wearing white knee socks underneath. I don't know which is worse.

    Once upon a time I practically worshipped Winona Ryder. I keep hoping she'll pull herself together but it's not looking good, is it?

  6. She looks like she just wanted something comfortable for flying. God forbid someone photographs me coming off a plane..

  7. definately the cuffs on the jeans!

  8. Sorry guys, I don't buy the "this is comfortable so it's OK to be ratty" line.

    Great looking pants, skirts and tops are just as comfortable (often more so!) than jeans. Flat, easy-fit shoes or sandals also look great and can be more comfortable than worn-out sneakers.

    If you know in advance what accessories work with your casual clothes, you can be dressed comfortably looking great and on your way to coffee, errands or airport in fine minutes.


  9. well, for some reason i feel compelled to comment again.

    personally, during the past few years i have come to terms with my punk rock past, my age (39) and what looks good on my body.

    i think this is a comfort outfit for girls with a punk rock past. on saturday mornings, i will impulsively put something like this on. . . look in the mirror. . . and change into something more flattering.

    it sounds crazy, but i feel kind of sad giving this kind of look up- in a nostalgic way. like, "crap, i am now too old to wear dumpy clothes and feel good about it. when did this happen?"
    it used to be a sort of code of lifestyle/music affiliation... now it will just make you look like you're not quite right.

  10. The shoes. Hardly a surprise since, in my opinion, Gucci seems incapable of making a pair of good looking sneakers.


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